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What About Cashmere for this Christmas 2015?


It’s that period of the year when you realize Christmas is closer and closer. Although it’s late October the moment I’m writing this post, it’s never too early to think of Christmas for a moment.

Yes, I must confess that I’m thinking on Christmas even in October because for me, it’s the greatest day of the Year with your loved ones.

And this year, I have some good ideas for presents, like every year, but certainly more impressions are going to cashmere this one.

Cashmere is beautiful, natural material having fantastic softness and warmth, and there are outstanding products of cashmere in the market like sweaters, cardigans, hats, gloves, scarves and other accessories.

The truth is that 100% cashmere is more expensive than other wool because of its production process and the quality of the fiber.

Cashmere is soft and adds luxury appearances. If you really think to buy quality cashmere, then money shouldn’t be your problem because pure cashmere sweater for example, costs more than $150.

There are many sites and brands out there. I came around one site that features 100% cashmere clothing – Cashmere Mania. That lead me to the brands they promote like Cashmere Boutique,Williams Cashmere, Kinross Cashmere, Oxfords Cashmere, Scotland Shop, Christopher Fischer, Scottish Wear and others.

All these cashmere brands are selling cashmere clothing, and I’m about to think which pieces should I buy for my sister and mother.

Here are my picks.

2 Ply Cashmere Robe for my mother

Cashmere robe for my mother


She’s middle aged woman and this cashmere robe will be welcomed for her. I know she loves robes, but she haven’t cashmere one, so my present is the right choice I think.

It’s 50" Length and made of 100% cashmere. I can chose from 4 colors, so I’m picking the cream robe.

Here are more details for this cashmere robe for ladies.

Cashmere touch screen gloves for my sister

She’s 20 and younger than me, and Kate will certainly love these touch screen gloves made of 95% cashmere and 5% conductive yarn.

She’s also in love with technology so this may be the best present for her as touchscreen gloves will allow her to use her smartphone while not freezing here fingers.

While there are many types of gloves made by cashmere, I want to give touchscreen to my sister and I know she’ll be very happy.

What about you? Are you thinking on Xmas yet? If yes, do you have any picks for your loved ones?
Share you comments bellow.

Enjoy in festive ambient with natural decorations


Christmas time is a great time of year where you can in your own home to enjoy with family and friends. To enable guests to feel the warmth of your Christmas home, light a fire in the fireplace and adorn the home with natural materials. This year, save money and make your own Christmas decorations instead of buying them. Use all natural materials you already have and make them all the decorations. Serve and decorations that you have from last year and combine them with natural decorations.

Decorating the home

The smell of pine is what we are most reminiscent of Christmas, and an artificial tree will never afford that, so the natural tree is best Christmas version. If you are able, buy a Christmas tree with roots. This allows you to save the life of one of the pine trees that needed to be cut down and lose their life just because of you. 

pins decorating natural ornaments

Decorate your home with natural decorations: Use fruits, cones, nuts, pine twigs and other natural materials you already have at home. The arrangement of the table is very easy to do if owing a sprig of pine, a few candles and several tangerines, lemons and other fruits.
Another beautiful decoration is reserved for stand for cakes and pastries. On the stand, you can put a pine branch, and add a few balls and cones.

make homemade christmas decorations

Garlands on a Christmas tree does not always have to be artificial and colorful. This Christmas, make them from the gifts of nature.
Take dried fruits, cones, cinnamon, and all connect to the same thread! In addition, the rest of pines decorate with the ornaments of these tones. Old ornaments that you do not use for years, "bring into line" by making them combine with natural decorations. For example, old, rusty bells combine with wooden ornaments, or with decorations made from straw or grass.

festive ambient christmas

What to give a child for Christmas


All kids want toys and sweets, as well as intangible things such as health and happiness. 
Every year in mid-December we catch buying fever in which we try to find gifts that will satisfy loved ones and show them how much they matter to us. The gift by definition is not only a material object, but also a symbol of affection for others, sympathy, prestige, power and love.
Christmas gifts for kids

When giving present to a child, the most difficult is to find the right deal, and as in everything, education plays a big role. Child psychologist from German clinics Wagner Jauregg says:
 "Children learn from adults what is a gift and how should relate to it. For them the gift is expression of kindness and of love, and they are less focused on the very tangible value."
Psychologist warns that children should not lavish gifts because, otherwise, eventually lose their sense of gratitude:
"If you are accustomed to large and expensive gifts, will rejoice when one beats something less valuable. You will be disappointed because from an early age have not learned to meet the little things."
In Germany, it was conducted a study on the Christmas wishes of a sample of 500 children aged 6-14 years. Contrary to prejudice, the results show that toddlers do not think only of themselves, and that every tenth child wants the parent job, health, family, and ending wars and poverty in the world. At first, it is the desire of playing, followed by various multimedia, computer games, laptops, cell phones, and televisions. In the third group, the most popular gifts include common desires - books, scooters, musical instruments, scarves and sweets. Highly rated are games, stuffed animals, baby, jewelry, clothes, and the aforementioned intangible values such as happiness and health.

The perfect Christmas table


A large number of different tastes and demands a large number of examples of how you can decorate any holiday table. We bring you a few examples that you can only be the cynosure in that they are looking for. Of course, our examples can be combined according to your taste and abilities.

Christmas table decoration

Set small clocks around the table as if you can not wait for the celebration of the New Year. Very unusual, but interesting! The combination of green - gold will open a space and you with a beautiful table to celebrate the holidays. The advantage of this table is its ease of preparation because there are no special requirements. Your table may not be combined with green and yellow, it may be the other two colours according to your taste that will show your personality. Let your table show what you feel.

perfect decoration of Christmas table

If you prefer the blue and white we have a perfect example for you! Another example of a combination of two colors, but in this case much more present blue and white colours. Everything seem different with this combination and here are some tips. The impression of the table can improve hand picked jewellery for your Christmas tree. Match these colours will completely change the look of your home and it will dominate the holiday spirit.

decorate table with flowers

For those who love the sea, and cannot have the Christmas holidays, we have very good news. With this way of decorating, you can bring the sea into your home. A lot of deep blue and appropriate flowers will easily visit on summer days. It is important that the colours fit with the rest of the furniture and you have a large number of shells that will be the protector of your desk.

silver decorating Christmas table

Silver or elegance. Even when the style set on the table can not go unnoticed. Do you have a silver or store it for another day - this Christmas is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of your accessories and be original. And only silver guarantee success, but in combination with carefully selected tablecloth will be a real hit. Just make sure, silver seeks simplicity and elegance. Just some flowers to be emphasized in order to kill the eventual cold look.

Green Christmas table decoration

Do you want the details on your natural holiday table, an example of the edited table should be your choice. Green as the dominant color will undoubtedly make your table festive. For decoration on the table, select large flowers arranged with greenery in the form of a cake. One of the important elements of this table are definitely candles and candleholders carefully selected.

Tomorrow begins Christmas post


The Orthodox Church who is led by the old Julian calendar starts six-week Christmas post tomorrow. Lent lasts 40 days, until Christmas, 7th of January - the day of the birth of Jesus Christ.
Since the date of Christmas never changes, fasting starts every year on 28th of November and ends on Epiphany, January 6th .
Christian fasting is introduced by the example of Jesus Christ, who spent 40 days in the desert fasting and praying. Fasting is a spiritual and physical preparation of the individual for entry into the secret of the upcoming holiday.
Christmas post is the second in duration, immediately after Easter. In terms of "severity" to use food, the Christmas post is "softer" because it allows the use of wine, oil, and fish. The strict fasting of water is required in the first and last week, and every Wednesday and Friday. In the Orthodox Church, the
Christmas post believers confess and possibly partake to be as worthy in preparation for the feast of the Nativity - Christmas.

The purpose of Christmas post

The purpose of fasting is to "clean up" the spirit and the body, which can be achieved, not only by refraining from fatty foods, but also from evil thoughts, words and deeds. With the canon of the Orthodox Church are provided one-day and multiday fasts. The one-day fasts are Wednesdays and Fridays, the Eve of Theophany on January 18, Beheading of St. John the Baptist on September 11 and Holy Cross on September 27. Multiday fasts are Easter, Peter and Paul, the Virgin and the Nativity Fast.
People who consistently follow the rules and fast every Wednesday and Friday since those are the days when Christ was condemned when he died on the cross.

Interesting fact about Christmas around the world


Christmas traditions

We are waiting for Christmas which is at the corner. Like any holiday and this, with much greater extent binds with interesting customs and traditions. In this occasion, I will share some interesting facts about the biggest Christian holiday in the world.
Xmas On greek this X means Christ. Hence Xmas (Christmas)
Christmas world records The biggest Christmas gift in the world is the Statue of Liberty. French gave to the United States in 1886. This statue is 46.5 meters high and weighs 225 tons.

Christmas songs

White Christmas - the best-selling Christmas song of all time published in 1942 Bing Crosby.

Christmas Statistics

Every seventh gift for Christmas is a puppy. Average amount of money spent per person on last minute buying is 33 dollars. Median time spent on shopping is 25 minutes Average number of Visa cards used per minute during the Christmas holidays is 5340 The average budget for Christmas gifts in the U.S. is 520 Euros, 474 Euros in the UK, 270 in Germany, 325 in Italy, 366 in France, 383 in Spain, and 206 Euros in the Netherlands.

Traditional Christmas sweets

France - Buche de Noel (sponge cake) 
USA - Pumpkin Cake (with cinnamon, baked with cream cheese)
Spain - Nougat (cake that is made with sugar, honey and nuts)
Italy - Panettone (a sweet bread)
Sweden - Pepparkakor (biscuit - cake in the shape of a heart)
Great Britain - Christmas pudding (solid pudding with dried fruit and nuts)
Portugal - Pain Perdu (French toast with bread and eggs, milk, sugar and cinnamon)
Germany - Lebkuchen (large cakes of honey)

Have fun in the early Christmas shopping


It seems too early to start with the Christmas shopping, but believe me - it is not. You will now have greater choice in terms of different types of goods, and the goods will be able to buy at the pre-holiday discounts...
Festive crowds in the stores, expensive goods and spending money on credit cards is all that's left of the magic of shopping Christmas gifts. It seems that today no one enjoys buying Christmas gifts but only additionally lose their nerves.
But why should this year be so? This year, start your Christmas shopping early, and now and avoid pulling your hair while standing kilometer in line for the cash register with too expensive gift in your hands that you do not like it, but you have to buy because you have no choice or time.
Why not now visit the store now and find the little things that you like, select them and bought in peace? Or better yet, why don’t you choose gifts and purchase over the internet, which means it will be delivered to your doorstep. In addition, there are great possibilities that these gifts will be cheaper than the same or similar items that you find in the stores and what is perhaps more important than the money, you will save precious time and nerves.
 However, I repeat once more, it is the right time to start shopping NOW! Here, our suggestions on how to better organize!
christmas online shopping

Planned purchase

Might appear to you that it is too early to start with the shopping, but believe me - it is not. In fact, not only do you now have even more choice in terms of different types of goods and items, but you will be able to buy goods at the pre-holiday discounts organized by the trade chains or catch the start of the holiday discounts. Take advantage of them! However, what is most important is to have a plan before going in early holiday shopping, because uncontrolled shopping often turns to be a bad choice. So what to do?

  • Make a list of people to whom you need to buy gifts. Some people buy gifts only for family members and close friends, others present to much wider circle like their workmates, hairdresser, masseuse, beautician, personal banker...
  • Decide how much money you are willing to spend in general, and then to a specific person. If necessary, divide people into groups, for sure my husband and kids will be a priority instead of a hairdresser or a colleague from work.
  • Well listen to what you tell your family members and friends, you may accidentally give an idea for a gift. If you are buying with close members of the family, do the brainstorming and write down ideas as they do not forget. It does not hurt to have a few options open, so that in the end choose the one best for you and for the person to whom you give it.
  • With the purchase of gifts, immediately buy wrapping paper, ribbons and other items that will be needed for wrapping gifts. You can visit AEC paper website for this need.
  • Make a shopping plan. What places and shops you will visit, and how much time will be spent on the purchase. For example, I spend two hours each week for buying gifts, and all the gifts need to be collected by 15th of December. Remember, you have the time, which is really a good feeling. 

Shopping in pajamas 

While some enjoy at glitter shops full of Christmas decorations, smells and sounds, and before purchasing want to feel and touch what they are buying, others are happy that their Christmas shopping can be done dressed in pajamas. Shopping the Internet in recent years has become part of the consumer culture, and if you buy at trusted web sites and through trusted payment system, it is relatively safe.
What can definitely be the biggest stumbling block is that the shipment takes some time, which means that you can order a gift a few days before the holiday season and expect to arrive on time.
With online shopping for Christmas, you should begin at least a month before Christmas, because otherwise you will be forced to pay expensive express delivery.
Here are several popular Christmas Gift Shops that attracts visitors with unique and quality gifts:

What is so attractive to internet shopping?

  1. Choice - when buying on the internet, the world is your basket.
  2. Prices - with just a few mouse clicks, you can check the prices of the same product in several different places, and buy where it is cheaper. This usually means that the cost of shipment will be the most expensive gift.
  3. Time - you don't have to plan a special time when go to shopping. You can buy online in every moment at home, even at work.
  4. At the time - perhaps the most interesting thing is that this way of shopping is perfect for people who opt for early Christmas shopping. Specifically, it is advisable to carry out at least three weeks before Christmas.

 If you really decided this year to spend a minimum amount of money for Christmas gifts, and your list of people to present a gift is too long, one of the best ways is using the internet.  Once you know what kind of gift will work for your family members, and buy or acquire the necessary materials, you need to organize your time so that you have sufficient time to prepare. Do not wait until the last minute, start early enough. The same goes for wrapping gifts.Wrap gifts as you buy them.

Images source: Shutterstock