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What About Cashmere for this Christmas 2015?

It’s that period of the year when you realize Christmas is closer and closer. Although it’s late October the moment I’m writing this post, it’s never too early to think of Christmas for a moment.

Yes, I must confess that I’m thinking on Christmas even in October because for me, it’s the greatest day of the Year with your loved ones.

And this year, I have some good ideas for presents, like every year, but certainly more impressions are going to cashmere this one.

Cashmere is beautiful, natural material having fantastic softness and warmth, and there are outstanding products of cashmere in the market like sweaters, cardigans, hats, gloves, scarves and other accessories.

The truth is that 100% cashmere is more expensive than other wool because of its production process and the quality of the fiber.

Cashmere is soft and adds luxury appearances. If you really think to buy quality cashmere, then money shouldn’t be your problem because pure cashmere sweater for example, costs more than $150.

There are many sites and brands out there. I came around one site that features 100% cashmere clothing – Cashmere Mania. That lead me to the brands they promote like Cashmere Boutique,Williams Cashmere, Kinross Cashmere, Oxfords Cashmere, Scotland Shop, Christopher Fischer, Scottish Wear and others.

All these cashmere brands are selling cashmere clothing, and I’m about to think which pieces should I buy for my sister and mother.

Here are my picks.

2 Ply Cashmere Robe for my mother

Cashmere robe for my mother


She’s middle aged woman and this cashmere robe will be welcomed for her. I know she loves robes, but she haven’t cashmere one, so my present is the right choice I think.

It’s 50" Length and made of 100% cashmere. I can chose from 4 colors, so I’m picking the cream robe.

Here are more details for this cashmere robe for ladies.

Cashmere touch screen gloves for my sister

She’s 20 and younger than me, and Kate will certainly love these touch screen gloves made of 95% cashmere and 5% conductive yarn.

She’s also in love with technology so this may be the best present for her as touchscreen gloves will allow her to use her smartphone while not freezing here fingers.

While there are many types of gloves made by cashmere, I want to give touchscreen to my sister and I know she’ll be very happy.

What about you? Are you thinking on Xmas yet? If yes, do you have any picks for your loved ones?
Share you comments bellow.


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