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Enjoy in festive ambient with natural decorations

Christmas time is a great time of year where you can in your own home to enjoy with family and friends. To enable guests to feel the warmth of your Christmas home, light a fire in the fireplace and adorn the home with natural materials. This year, save money and make your own Christmas decorations instead of buying them. Use all natural materials you already have and make them all the decorations. Serve and decorations that you have from last year and combine them with natural decorations.

Decorating the home

The smell of pine is what we are most reminiscent of Christmas, and an artificial tree will never afford that, so the natural tree is best Christmas version. If you are able, buy a Christmas tree with roots. This allows you to save the life of one of the pine trees that needed to be cut down and lose their life just because of you. 

pins decorating natural ornaments

Decorate your home with natural decorations: Use fruits, cones, nuts, pine twigs and other natural materials you already have at home. The arrangement of the table is very easy to do if owing a sprig of pine, a few candles and several tangerines, lemons and other fruits.
Another beautiful decoration is reserved for stand for cakes and pastries. On the stand, you can put a pine branch, and add a few balls and cones.

make homemade christmas decorations

Garlands on a Christmas tree does not always have to be artificial and colorful. This Christmas, make them from the gifts of nature.
Take dried fruits, cones, cinnamon, and all connect to the same thread! In addition, the rest of pines decorate with the ornaments of these tones. Old ornaments that you do not use for years, "bring into line" by making them combine with natural decorations. For example, old, rusty bells combine with wooden ornaments, or with decorations made from straw or grass.

festive ambient christmas


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