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Christmas holiday with lots of symbolism

Christmas is a holiday full of symbolism. Whether in your home Christmas is tradition is now you study the symbolism to be respectful, do not forget that the essence of Christmas is love, forgiveness and compassion, ant not in the form, which certainly reflects the essence, but that nothing does not mean if you do not spread the spirit of love and compassion.

Christmas Traditions

In our celebration of Christmas in many things today are different from place to place, but Christmas is unthinkable without Christmas Eve twig, straw, and Christmas cake.
Christmas Eve announce Christmas, the family gathers and prepares to celebrate the happiest Christian holiday. Christmas Eve dinner, which can be attended only by family members, must be lean, but rich. We believe that the one who remain hungry this evening will be hungry all year. After Christmas Eve twig, we go early in the morning, and usually, male part of the family is responsible for Christmas Eve twig. It symbolizes the shepherds brought to the cave to warm the infant Christ. Straw symbolizes the one of which Christ was laid when was born. It’s placed under the table, and on the straw is placed sweets, gifts, and toys for children. According to tradition, the first guest enters your home on Christmas morning, is especially welcomed with joy and gifts. Symbolically, it represents the wise men that came to worship Christ in the cave. According beliefs, the next guest this year will bring happiness to the home.
Christmas cake should be baked early in the morning and put in it gold, silver or ordinary coin. Host is in charge of breaking and sharing cake pieces and everyone at the table is given a piece. The one who will find the coin is believed to have luck all year.


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