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Interesting fact about Christmas around the world

Christmas traditions

We are waiting for Christmas which is at the corner. Like any holiday and this, with much greater extent binds with interesting customs and traditions. In this occasion, I will share some interesting facts about the biggest Christian holiday in the world.
Xmas On greek this X means Christ. Hence Xmas (Christmas)
Christmas world records The biggest Christmas gift in the world is the Statue of Liberty. French gave to the United States in 1886. This statue is 46.5 meters high and weighs 225 tons.

Christmas songs

White Christmas - the best-selling Christmas song of all time published in 1942 Bing Crosby.

Christmas Statistics

Every seventh gift for Christmas is a puppy. Average amount of money spent per person on last minute buying is 33 dollars. Median time spent on shopping is 25 minutes Average number of Visa cards used per minute during the Christmas holidays is 5340 The average budget for Christmas gifts in the U.S. is 520 Euros, 474 Euros in the UK, 270 in Germany, 325 in Italy, 366 in France, 383 in Spain, and 206 Euros in the Netherlands.

Traditional Christmas sweets

France - Buche de Noel (sponge cake) 
USA - Pumpkin Cake (with cinnamon, baked with cream cheese)
Spain - Nougat (cake that is made with sugar, honey and nuts)
Italy - Panettone (a sweet bread)
Sweden - Pepparkakor (biscuit - cake in the shape of a heart)
Great Britain - Christmas pudding (solid pudding with dried fruit and nuts)
Portugal - Pain Perdu (French toast with bread and eggs, milk, sugar and cinnamon)
Germany - Lebkuchen (large cakes of honey)


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