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What to give a child for Christmas

All kids want toys and sweets, as well as intangible things such as health and happiness. 
Every year in mid-December we catch buying fever in which we try to find gifts that will satisfy loved ones and show them how much they matter to us. The gift by definition is not only a material object, but also a symbol of affection for others, sympathy, prestige, power and love.
Christmas gifts for kids

When giving present to a child, the most difficult is to find the right deal, and as in everything, education plays a big role. Child psychologist from German clinics Wagner Jauregg says:
 "Children learn from adults what is a gift and how should relate to it. For them the gift is expression of kindness and of love, and they are less focused on the very tangible value."
Psychologist warns that children should not lavish gifts because, otherwise, eventually lose their sense of gratitude:
"If you are accustomed to large and expensive gifts, will rejoice when one beats something less valuable. You will be disappointed because from an early age have not learned to meet the little things."
In Germany, it was conducted a study on the Christmas wishes of a sample of 500 children aged 6-14 years. Contrary to prejudice, the results show that toddlers do not think only of themselves, and that every tenth child wants the parent job, health, family, and ending wars and poverty in the world. At first, it is the desire of playing, followed by various multimedia, computer games, laptops, cell phones, and televisions. In the third group, the most popular gifts include common desires - books, scooters, musical instruments, scarves and sweets. Highly rated are games, stuffed animals, baby, jewelry, clothes, and the aforementioned intangible values such as happiness and health.


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